18. Defined contribution plans

Obligations for contributions to defined contribution plans are recognised as expenses through profit or loss as soon as the associated work is performed. Prepaid contributions are recognised as assets if an entitlement to refund or reduction of future payments arises. The defined contribution plan is financed largely by UNIQA.

Pension entitlements

Board members, special policyholders and active employees in Austria are subject to a basic defined contribution pension fund scheme. The beneficiaries are also entitled to a final pension fund contribution which guarantees them a fixed cash value for retirement when they begin their retirement. This obligation is to be classified as a defined benefit in the contribution phase. The works council agreement states the extent to which a final pension fund contribution is provided to the beneficiary’s individual assurance cover account in the event of a transfer to the old-age pension or of an incapacity to work or the death as a participant. UNIQA has no obligations during the benefit phase.

Contributions to company pension funds

Under defined contribution company pension schemes, the employer pays the fixed amounts into company pension funds. The insurance contributions to company pension funds amounted to €3,318 thousand (2017: €2,210 thousand). The employer has satisfied their obligation by making these contributions.