The following PDF files are available

(PDF:) UNIQA Group Report 2009

122 pages

5.9 MB

(PDF:) UNIQA at a glance

8 pages

1.7 MB

(PDF:) Group

29 pages

2.4 MB

(PDF:) Group Management Report

16 pages

398 kB

(PDF:) Group Financial Statements

15 pages

449 kB

(PDF:) Notes to the Group Financial Statements

45 pages

712 kB

(PDF:) Accounting regulations

1 page

59 kB

(PDF:) Consolidation

5 pages

119 kB

(PDF:) Methods of accounting and valuation

4 pages

81 kB

(PDF:) Major differences between IFRS/IAS and Austrian accounting regulations

2 pages

57 kB

(PDF:) Risk report

10 pages

168 kB

(PDF:) Notes to the Consolidated Balance Sheet

17 pages

319 kB

(PDF:) Notes to the Consolidated Income Statement

5 pages

122 kB

(PDF:) Other disclosures

5 pages

124 kB




The following XLS files are available

(XLS:) All tables (20) of the Annual Report (indexed)

113 kB

(XLS:) Group key figures

19 kB

(XLS:) UNIQA key figures

16 kB

(XLS:) Information on UNIQA shares

15 kB

(XLS:) Property and casualty

17 kB

(XLS:) Health

16 kB

(XLS:) Life

17 kB

(XLS:) UNIQA international markets

16 kB

(XLS:) Consolidated Balance Sheet

24 kB

(XLS:) Consolidated Income Statement

19 kB

(XLS:) Consolidated Comprehensive Income Statement

17 kB

(XLS:) Consolidated Cash Flow Statement

19 kB

(XLS:) Development of Group Equity

17 kB

(XLS:) Segment Balance Sheet – classified by segment

20 kB

(XLS:) Segment Income Statement – classified by segment

18 kB

(XLS:) Segment Income Statement – impairment by segment

17 kB

(XLS:) Segment Income Statement – classified by region

19 kB

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