10 years of UNIQA – The Insurance of a new Generation

Markets of UNIQA Group Austria (map)

Ten years after introduction of the “UNIQA” brand, the UNIQA Group Austria is situated as one of the leading insurance groups in Central Europe. As a Group that successfully unites an Austrian identity with a European perspective, UNIQA entered 15 new markets between 1999 and 2009, bringing the number of insurance policies from 6 million to over 15 million, increasing its level of internationalisation from 6% to 35% and expanding from roughly 6,000 to 15,000 employees.

The Group operates under the umbrella of the publically listed company UNIQA Versicherungen AG, selling all types of insurance products through all sales channels. The central strategic goal is consistent yield-oriented growth, achieved as before through targeted expansion and internationalisation. We are also guided by our corporate values, such as quality, respect, politeness, community and flexibility. The aspirations to be an innovation leader and create value for our customers are additional pillars of the Group’s continued success.

In addition to Austria, the Group is currently successfully active in 20 other markets of Central and Eastern Europe. As we expand in Eastern and South Eastern Europe, UNIQA and the Raiffeisen bank group assist and compliment each other within the framework of a “Preferred Partnership” and work together to open up new paths in the area of bank assurance.

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