Measures to promote women on the Management Board, the Supervisory Board, and in top executive positions

In recent years, UNIQA has been filling more and more top executive positions with women. In 2010 alone, four female employees were promoted to department head and managing director positions which report directly to the Management Board. One of the Group’s particularly ambitious personnel policy goals is to attract women to leadership positions in sales.

With its flexible work-time models, UNIQA provides its female employees with a tool to make their careers compatible with their families as well as they can.

In the international Group companies, nearly every fourth manager of the first and second management levels is a woman. In this area, the UNIQA Group has already achieved a 25% female ratio.

In the recruiting process, UNIQA pays attention not just to education, experience, personal qualities, and equal gender treatment. As an international corporation active in 21 European countries, UNIQA places special emphasis on encouraging female employees to spend a certain amount of their professional life in international Group companies.

The Supervisory Board committee for Board affairs, which also acts as the Nominating Committee, strives to include equally qualified women to be considered for upcoming vacancies on the Supervisory Board and the Management Board.