Diversification und Integration – from Austria to Europe

Markets of the UNIQA Group Austria (map)

The UNIQA Group Austria is one of the leading insurance groups in Central Europe. The success of the UNIQA brand introduced in 1999 was mainly due to the fact that it was possible to integrate its Austrian identity with a strong presence in the markets of Europe. UNIQA focuses on individuality: The strategy of the Group is a response to the diverse conditions in its markets and accommodates the regional differences of the various locales. Today, UNIQA enjoys success in 21 markets: Between 1999 and 2010, the Group was able to tap 15 new markets, thereby increasing its percentage of international involvement from approximately 6% to a current 38.5%. Approximately 20,000 employees and sales partners serve more than 7.5 million customers with over 16.5 million contracts throughout the Group.

UNIQA’s corporate philosophy is characterised by equality, respect, community and flexibility. These fundamental values establish a reliable foundation for trust and loyalty. Another factor in Group’s on-going economic and ecological success is its commitment to innovative leadership and added value to the customer.

Under the umbrella of the publicly listed company UNIQA Versicherungen AG, the Group is active in all segments of the insurance business through all sales channels. UNIQA‘s strategy springs from a common, central goal: UNIQA is pursuing a strategy of consistent yield-oriented growth through expansion and internationalisation. In the area of bank assurance, UNIQA and the Raiffeisen Bank Group are pursuing new paths in the context of their Preferred Partnership: The joint expansion into Eastern and South Eastern Europe offers rewarding prospects.

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