We are UNIQA

We will only be successful if we pursue our objectives resolutely as a team. We rely on highly trained employees and managers who are able and allowed to take responsibility.

Employees by region


The headcount in the UNIQA Group was 22,070 in 2012 (14,799 employees and 7,271 general agents), who advised around 8.7 million customers in 20 markets.

In 2012, all of us – 22,000 employees and exclusive sales partners in 20 countries – faced enormous challenges. The implementation of our strategic programme UNIQA 2.0 requires a great deal from all of us in addition to our day-to-day work. This is not always easy. We are therefore extremely grateful for the outstanding commitment shown by every individual.

Our success depends on the dedication and performance of every individual. But it also depends on our ability to all pull together to pursue our objectives collectively as a team. We mean business. This is not just lip service.

Communication and performance management

We firmly believe that communication has a key role to play – particularly in such a comprehensive change process as UNIQA 2.0, which we are currently implementing.

Although we are far from perfect, we have made great strides in 2012: we attach great importance to open and fair dealings with one another. We promote the exchange of information between departments, we have established extensive feedback communication between employees and management, and we have reorganised our scheduled communication. We have also expanded communication with our independent sales partners – general agents, brokers and banks. Our partners are now more closely integrated into our information and decision-making processes, especially in the development of processes, services and products.

We are also focusing on structured performance management and the systematic expansion of our employees' expertise – in particular of their management skills. We rely on highly trained employees and managers who are able and allowed to take responsibility.

Differences make us strong

A high level of diversity creates a stronger team. Successful organisations tap into the diversity of various nationalities and cultures and the differing strengths of men and women. Differences make us strong. For this reason, we give priority to hiring women in our recruitment process for candidates with the same qualifications. And for the same reason, we promote the transfer of knowledge and mobility between the 20 countries in which we operate.

In our company, the share of women in Management Board positions and senior executive roles across the Group is 17 per cent, and 25 per cent in the international area. For us, these figures are too low. From our perspective, the ability to combine a career with family life is a key issue when it comes to promoting the careers of women in the company. With this in mind, we go to great lengths to provide flexible working hours, part-time models and the option of teleworking. Starting in 2013, we will also be cooperating with an external service provider that offers services such as childcare, care for relatives and other family services. Both men and women should have the same opportunities to combine a career with family life.

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