At home in the heart of Europe

UNIQA is at home in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. We know our domestic markets in the heart of Europe and are firmly established in them.

Highlights 2012


8.7 million customers in 20 countries


Strong brands: UNIQA and Raiffeisen Insurance


A solid basis for further growth

We intend to increase the number of our customers to 15 million by 2020. We will do this by concentrating on our core business as a primary insurer in our two core markets of Austria and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). UNIQA served 8.7 million customers in 2012. This figure is divided between the main operational companies as follows: 2.4 million UNIQA Austria customers and 1.1 million Raiffeisen Insurance Austria customers – adjusted to take account of duplicate customers, results in a total of 3.2 million customers in Austria. On top of that, there are 5.1 million customers in the CEE region and 0.4 million in Western Europe.

In 2012, we acquired 0.4 million new customers, mainly in the CEE region. On the other hand, the sale of the Mannheimer Group in Germany saw us lose 0.6 million customers. For the first time, the figures for 2012 also include 0.8 million customers of Raiffeisen Insurance in Austria (adjusted to take account of duplication). These customers, who are served exclusively through the Raiffeisen banks, were not yet included in 2011. However, since we placed the cooperation with the Raiffeisen Banking Group on a new footing in 2012, they are now included.

We know our domestic markets and are firmly established in them. We are a long-term investor – not only in Austria, but also in the CEE region. We firmly believe in the potential of the CEE countries and intend to grow along with their economies. We are well positioned to exploit this growth:

At home in Austria and in the CEE region

We are at home in Austria and in the CEE. These are UNIQA's core markets. And we focus on these markets. We are a long-term investor. We have come to stay with the goal of growing sustainably with our customers and the region, thus creating shareholder value.

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