Austria: strong brands and a dense network

In Austria, UNIQA is the second-largest insurance group, with a market share of 22 per cent as measured based on premium volume. In the strategically important health insurance segment, we are the clear number 1, with a market share of around 45 per cent. We operate two brands in Austria: under the “UNIQA” brand, we operate a network of 325 service centres – we like to call them our “local insurers”. Under the “Raiffeisen” brand, we sell our products through the Raiffeisen banks, whose 2,223 bank branches serving 2.8 million customers constitute by far the largest bank branch network in Austria.

With a spontaneous recognition of 68 per cent and an aided recognition of 96 per cent, UNIQA is Austria's best-known insurance brand. Raiffeisen Insurance profits from the enormous power of the Raiffeisen brand, whose spontaneous recognition of 84 per cent makes it the strongest banking brand in the country. Both brands – UNIQA and Raiffeisen – were voted the most trustworthy brands in their respective sectors in Austria by consumers in 2012 (with UNIQA receiving the accolade for the tenth consecutive time).

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