Our mission and our values

Closeness to our customers and corporate values put into practice: these are the cornerstones of our success. We will achieve the objectives of the UNIQA Group if we impress our customers with services that are second to none.

The UNIQA Group endeavours to supply high-quality products, services and processes on a consistent basis and, in addition, to incorporate trends, technical progress and knowledge from our diverse customer contacts. We also want to be a reliable partner for our customers. We are there to support them whatever their circumstances, providing them with the confidence and courage that will enable them to enjoy their lives.

Our mission and our values – a sound basis

Just like in a family, we are dedicated to our customers so that they can enjoy life-long security and plan their lives with confidence. We want to abide by our four corporate values: we inspire, we shape the future, we are straightforward and we deliver. These values have grown from our business and determine our approach in all our areas of activity.

The UNIQA and Raiffeisen Insurance brand names – strong and trustworthy

Our uniform brand strategy across Europe emphasises the common identity shared by the entities in the UNIQA Group. We operate in all markets (with the exception of Russia) under the UNIQA brand name. UNIQA and Raiffeisen Insurance are the two strongest insurance brands in Austria; UNIQA is in first place by far, based on a score of 76 per cent for unprompted brand recognition. Raiffeisen Insurance benefits in turn from the strength of the Raiffeisen brand, the most recognised banking brand in Austria with an unprompted brand recognition score of 81 per cent.

According to surveys, UNIQA is associated with positive emotions such as courage, happiness, innovation, curiosity and creativity. Building on this foundation, we initiated our first integrated international communications campaign in May 2014 entitled “Denk UNIQA – Denk Mut zum Glück” (Think UNIQA – Be Bold, Be Happy). In this campaign, we encourage our customers to take a proactive approach to shaping their lives. We have been successful, as attested by several audience and industry awards, as well as market surveys. Following the launch in Austria, we then implemented the campaign in CEE. The cross-media campaign is supported by discussion forums such as denk.uniqa.at and initiatives for employees.

In 2015, 80 brand ambassadors in Austria and approximately 500 brand ambassadors in international markets were busy spreading the word on behalf of UNIQA. They were tasked with bringing UNIQA’s mission and values into their areas of activity and their organisations. To this end, in over 50 workshops in all our countries, numerous brand ambassadors and employees identified the most important moments in customer contact. They came up with more than 150 specific measures which help provide the perfect support to customers in every aspect of their interactions with the company related to UNIQA’s brand and values.

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