We are as good as our employees

Our success depends on our employees. They have a determined and hands-on attitude and are filling our new strategies with life. Therefore we invest in them.

Employees by region


The headcount in the UNIQA Group was 22,275 in 2011 (15,081 employees and 7,194 general agents), who were advising more than 8 million customers in 21 markets.

Our employees did excellent work in 2011. And 2011 was not exactly an easy year for them: the difficult economic environment and the turbulences on the financial markets resulting from the government debt crisis in Europe were very challenging. And, particularly in these difficult times, our customers needed optimal advice. On top of that came the burden of the strategic repositioning of our company. Our employees managed to cope with all that with a huge amount of commitment. We would like to sincerely thank you all!

Whatever our employees’ tasks – customer advisor, actuary or claim processor – one thing is always at the core of our endeavours: customer service. It is our employees that our customers ask for help when they wish to buy a product or register a claim. The satisfaction and the trust of our customers is our most important asset. Therefore we place emphasis on promoting talents, developing leaders and employees, as well as the transfer of know-how.

We rely on fair and respectful teamwork, and we are convinced that flexibility and mobility in connection with our efforts to maintain the highest levels of professionalism contribute to a situation where we can continuously improve the proximity as well as the service provided to our customers. We want to pinpoint international perspectives and develop concepts that help us achieve the qualifications needed in our markets today and tomorrow.

Our style of management and operations is shaped by our consistent orientation towards the requirements of the markets and the needs of our customers. We strive for efficiency and profitable growth. To this end, we require clearly defined qualities in our managers: they must have leadership skills, coach employees, give feedback, pinpoint perspectives, they must show fairness and transparency. We expect commitment, performance and flexibility from our employees. In return, we invest in the development of our employees, we promote talents, and offer our employees optimal access to know-how so as to ensure they can contribute their skills in the most efficient way.

The strategic repositioning of the company

As part of the repositioning of the company, we have stepped up the focus on our customers. For example, we are planning to increase the number of our business outlets in Austria from the current 300 to 400 by 2015. At the same time, we are going through a process of optimisation in the administrative and back office areas, which is why we will have to cut the headcount in the back office throughout the entire UNIQA Group by 600 employees by the year 2015. We try to help the employees affected by this sharp break in their lives by offering them socially acceptable farewell packages.