Local European

We are concentrating on profitable growth in the core insurance business in our core markets Austria and Central and Eastern Europe: UNIQA is both European and local.



Growth strategy UNIQA 2.0


Five pillars of UNIQA 2.0


Minimise risk, boost growth

With our long-term strategy and our robust business model, we have created a solid basis for sustainable growth. In the summer of 2011, we repositioned the company and devised a growth strategy that we are now consistently implementing: we want to significantly increase the number of our customers. Therefore we are concentrating on our core insurance business in our core markets.

UNIQA is geared towards profitable growth and long-term value creation. Our business model is based on the profitable business in Austria and the growth potential in Central and Eastern Europe. With our two strong brands, UNIQA and Raiffeisen Versicherung, we are already among the most successful insurance companies on the market – both in Austria and CEE. We are counting on our strong customer proximity and our deep understanding of the regional markets: UNIQA is both European and local.