Our UNIQA 2.0 growth strategy is based on five pillars that we are consistently working on:

Our strengths


UNIQA and Raiffeisen Versicherung: two strong brands


Focus on core business and core markets


Experienced management team “made by UNIQA”

1. Doubling the number of customers

We want to double the number of our customers from 7.5 million in 2010 to 15 million by 2020. We took the first step in 2011 by increasing the number of customers by 600,000 to 8.1 million.

2. Focus on core business

Since 1811, i.e. for 200 years, we have been focusing on the thing we know best: providing our customers with safety. This means that our focus is on the core insurance business and our core markets in Austria and CEE. This is why we split from Mannheimer Versicherung in Germany; and why we plan to give up the management of our hotel holdings. In return, we intend to buy out the minority shareholders that are currently still invested in our CEE subsidiaries.

3. Four-point programme

We have set up a four-point programme in order to improve our core business on a sustainable basis:

a. UNIQA Austria – increase profitability:

We want to improve the service quality for customers and partners by optimising structures and processes and expanding our regional presence. We will step up the number of “local insurers” from 300 to 400 by 2015. The reorganisation of the head office is complete. In 2012 and 2013, we will modify our regional headquarters and expand the service centres.

b. Raiffeisen Versicherung – significant increase in business volume:

Our goal is to intensify the partnership by gearing our product portfolio to the needs of bank advisors and bank customers. We have made good progress here.

c. UNIQA International – profitable growth:

We want to grow clearly above market rates while maintaining a focus on profitability and value. Our 2020 CEE targets: 50 per cent of premiums, 30 to 40 per cent of profits. We outperformed market growth rates in 2011 yet again and increased our market share. We want to continue this sort of growth in 2012 as well.

d. Risk management:

We are the only Austrian insurance company with a Corporate Risk Officer on our Management Board, and we are in the process of setting up a value-based management system.

4. Strengthening our equity base*

For our ambitious growth strategy in Austria and CEE, we need sufficient amounts of capital. We want to make use of the current window of opportunity and maintain the high growth rates in CEE. We are therefore planning a capital increase of € 500 million for 2012 that will be offered for subscription to existing shareholders. In addition, in our Austrian business we will bundle UNIQA Personenversicherung (personal injury insurance) and UNIQA Sachversicherung (property insurance), which are wholly owned by the stock exchange-listed UNIQA Holding and which will be a sister company of Raiffeisen Versicherung. This will make our corporate structure more conducive to our planned capital market activities in the future. With these extensive measures, we are preparing the company for the re-IPO, during which we want to increase our free float significantly. This re-IPO is scheduled for 2013, attractive capital market conditions permitting.

5. Improving the results

We want to improve our results by up to € 400 million by 2015 vs. 2010. For 2012, our profit target is above the 2010 level.

* Editorial amendments based on the ad-hoc notification of 27 April 2012.