UNIQA Sales – Close to the customer at all times

In our sales operations, we focus on being close to the customer and offering a personal service. In addition to top-class products and services, we have a countrywide sales network in Austria and in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Working hard for customers – our employees and sales partners


Employees and sales partners – Austria (pie chart)

Strong at the local level //
In Austria, exclusive sales are the strongest: half of the premiums come from our own employees and general agencies. A quarter of the premiums are contributed by broker sales. In third place are sales through the Raiffeisen Banking network.

  1. Direct 5%
  2. Banks 24%
  3. Brokers and multiple agencies 24%
  4. Field sales employees and general agencies 47%


Employees and sales partners – CEE (pie chart)

Stable network //
In the CEE area exclusive sales and sales by brokers are leading with more than one third of premiums. Through Raiffeisen Bank International, we generate more than a fifth of the premium volume.

  1. Direct 6%
  2. Banks 20%
  3. Brokers 36%
  4. Field sales employees and general agencies 38%

Multi-channel strategy appeals to customers

With our multi-channel strategy, we cover a variety of customer needs. We make use of any sales channel likely to produce successful results, e.g. exclusive sales, insurance brokers, banks and direct marketing. We pursue an integrated access approach: no matter how the customer finds us, they receive the same product at the same price and are assigned a personal contact person.

Sales channels in Austria and the CEE region

Strong exclusive sales form the foundation

A total of 37 per cent of the premiums generated by the UNIQA Group come from exclusive sales through our own employees and general agencies. In Austria, this sales channel brings in almost half of the premiums, with about 1,800 field sales employees in direct contact with customers locally.

General agencies are independent partners and their market presence is supported by UNIQA. In 2014, we fulfilled our expansion plan in Austria as set out in the UNIQA 2.0 growth strategy: with around 420 sites in Austria, we have the most locations. In the next stage, we intend to expand our IT infrastructure in order to provide the best possible support for our partners.

Service for insurance brokers

Insurance brokers are a growing sales segment. They contribute to the success of the UNIQA Group by generating 31 per cent of our premiums. The excellent level of collaboration with our partners has made us number one in brokered sales in Austria. The situation in the CEE region is even better: sales through this channel account for as much business as exclusive sales.

In Austria, our UNIQA TopPartners – brokers who work in close cooperation with us – benefit from additional services such as MaklerPlus24Service and VitalDays for their team. Brokers who cooperate with us occasionally are supported through UNIQA MaklerServiceDirekt. We also operate the UNIQA MaklerAkademie, an academy for brokers that is unique in Austria. We will be expanding this service in 2015 to include in-house seminars and courses for individual partners.

Comprehensive banking network in the regions

The banking sales channel enables the UNIQA Group to maintain an extensive local presence. Across the entire Group, 28 per cent of premiums are generated through this sales channel. The strategic partnership with the Raiffeisen banking group in Austria and the CEE region provides us with access to almost 17 million potential customers. In northern Italy, we have a successful cooperation arrangement with the Veneto Banca Group for the sale of life insurance.

Integrated direct marketing is growing

We currently earn 5 per cent of premiums through integrated direct marketing. Online sales are becoming increasingly important in this sales channel, as more customers use the internet to find the most suitable insurance for them. In Austria, the UNIQA Group is therefore increasingly offering property and casualty insurance products online. In some CEE countries, e.g. Hungary, most vehicle insurance is already sold online.

We also believe sales partnerships offer growth potential. In Austria, for example, we have partnerships with automobile clubs (ÖAMTC) and with opticians (Hartlauer), for eyewear insurance. Through our UNIQA Leasing subsidiary, we offer both business customers and consumers a one-stop shop covering leasing, insurance and registration.

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