Principles of profit-sharing for the Management Board

A short-term incentive (STI) is offered in which a one-off payment is made based on the relevant earnings situation if the specified individual objectives for the payment of the incentive have been met. A long-term incentive (LTI) is also provided in parallel as a share-based payment arrangement with cash settlement, and this provides for one-off payments after a period of four years in each case based on virtual investments in UNIQA shares each year and the performance of UNIQA shares, the ROE and the total shareholder return over the period. Maximum limits are agreed. This LTI is subject to an obligation on the members of the Management Board to make an annual investment in UNIQA shares with a holding period of four years in each case. The system complies with Rule 27 of the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance.

Principles and requirements for the Company pension scheme provided for the Management Board

UNIQA has agreed retirement pensions, occupational disability benefits and surviving dependants’ pensions for the members of the Management Board. The beneficiaries’ actual pension entitlements are a contractual arrangement with Valida Pension AG, which is responsible for managing the pensions. The retirement pension generally becomes due for payment when the beneficiary reaches 65 years of age. The pension entitlement is reduced in the event of an earlier retirement, with the pension eligible for payment once the beneficiary reaches the age of 60 at the earliest. In the case of the occupational disability pension and survivor’s benefits, basic amounts are provided as a minimum pension.

The pension plan at Valida Pension AG is funded by UNIQA through ongoing contributions for the individual members of the Management Board. Compensation payments must be made to Valida Pension AG if members of the Management Board step down before the age of 65 (imputed contribution payment duration to prevent overfunding).

Principles for vested rights and entitlements of the Management Board of the Company in the event of termination of their position

Severance payments have been agreed based on the provisions of the Austrian Salaried Employee Act. These severance payments, which are made if the employment contract of a member of the Management Board is terminated prematurely, comply with the criteria set out in Rule 27a of the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance. The member of the Management Board generally retains his or her pension entitlements if his or her function is terminated, but the entitlements are subject to curtailment rules.

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