Commitment to society – moving people

Because our thoughts and actions are guided by sustainability, we are always on the front lines wherever the future is shaped with foresight. Here, the fields of education and healthcare offer significant examples.

Fitness and Sports

As the largest health insurer in Austria, we care a great deal about our customers’ quality of life. That is why we support, both in Austria and in the CEE countries, numerous projects regarding exercise, healthy eating and mental fitness.

We are active in everything from popular to professional sports (alpine skiing, handball, golf). Because successful athletes serve as positive role models for society at large, we work in many countries with well-known athletes as brand ambassadors – with a special focus on youth. That’s why we foster the development of the next generation of professional athletes through our sponsorship of various school sports tournaments, such as the UNIQA Handball School Cup, the UNIQA Girls Football League, the UNIQA School Championships Boys (volleyball), the UNIQA School Beach Cup, bringing physical fitness into the everyday lives of children and adolescents.

Under the motto “Motivating with no Pressure”, the UNIQA Grow-Up-Fit Camps (“UNIQA Fit Aufwachsen Camps”) offer a fun way to strengthen health awareness among 10-to-14 year-olds and their parents. In 2015, during April and May, three of these free day-long camps were held once again in Graz, Innsbruck and Eisenstadt. Experts offered 210 children and their parents tips for a healthier lifestyle. Through its Vital4Brain initiative, UNIQA also seeks to promote exercise breaks during classroom instruction.

Individual and corporate health awareness – for customers and employees.

Using the UNIQA VitalPlan, we seek to help our customers lead healthier, more active lives with a greater sense of well-being by employing preventive services (screening, counselling by VitalCoaches, wellness stays). We reward a healthy lifestyle with a Fitness Bonus and premium refunds for unused benefits. Through UNIQA VitalBilanz, UNIQA also supports workplace health management – with a total of 120 modules available – by giving careful attention to the health and fitness of its employees. The spectrum of services ranges from equipment on the floors of the UNIQA Tower aimed at promoting motor activity to a massage service and activities at the UNIQA Sports Club, including sailing, tennis, jogging, volleyball, etc. 92 UNIQA teams participated in the 2015 Business Run at the Vienna Prater. We even foster a good work-life balance through our employee service, “UNIQA Freiraum”, consisting of exercise units and arranging for childcare as well as facilities available right in the headquarters building itself (e.g. laundry service).

Education, Art and Culture

During the 2015/2016 school year, UNIQA is offering its support for the seventh time as the main sponsor of the speech contest “SAG’S MULTI” for immigrant and non-immigrant young people. We have been promoting both students and their technical advancements on behalf of people with disabilities since 2011 through the idea competition “UNIKATE”. In 2015, we again served as sponsor to the children’s opera at the Salzburg Festival, with collaboration on this project set to continue through 2017.

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