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Peter Simonischeck

Since 2002, the UNIQA customer and full-blooded actor has played Everyman at the Salzburg Festival. In an interview, he speaks about the meaning of culture sponsoring from the point of view of an artist.

Dr. Franz Fischler

In a conversation, the European by conviction outlines the consequences of Europeanisation through the eyes of a politician and how one can profit through market opening with innovative products.

Dr. Hans Peter

The successful building contractor speaks from experience as an international businessman about the potential in the Eastern European countries and which strategies will be crowned with success in these markets.

Benni Raich

For three years, Benni Raich has been the sports partner of the UNIQA Group. In an interview, the Austrian athlete of the year explains the meaning of team play for success and what he considers "mental fitness" to be.

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