The average number of employees in the UNIQA Group was reduced slightly in 2010 to 15,066 (2009: 15,107). Of these, 6,148 (2009: 6,345) were employed in sales and 8,918 (2009: 8,762) in administration. In the Eastern Emerging Markets (EEM), UNIQA employed a staff of 3,701 in the 2010 financial year (2009: 4,048), 3,541 people (2009: 3,246) in Central Eastern Europe (CEE) and 1.023 (2009: 987) in the Western European markets (WEM). In Austria, 6,801 staff were employed (2009: 6,826). Including the employees of the general agencies working exclusively for UNIQA, the total number of people working for the UNIQA Group amounts to just about 20,000.

52% of the administrative staff employed in Austria in 2010 were women, 19.3% (2009: 18.7%) of the employees were part-time. The average age in the past year remained 42 years (2009: 42 years). In total, 11.7% (2009: 11.3%) of the employees participated as managers in UNIQA’s performance-related remuneration system – a variable payment system that is tied both to the success of the company and to personal performance. In addition, UNIQA offers young people in training the opportunity to get to know foreign cultures and make international contacts. Currently, 61 apprentices are being trained. 34 new apprentices were accepted in 2010.