A focus on our customers

The needs of our customers are what drives our work. Achieving our goals as a company depends on winning our customers over with our service.

Our mission: Just like in a family, we are committed to our customers so that they can enjoy lifelong security and plan their lives with confidence.

To help us to fulfil our mission, last year we defined the corporate values that guide our actions:

  • We inspire: We are dedicated to people. We know and understand the needs of our customers and colleagues and inspire them with our commitment.
  • We shape: We continuously develop. We are ready to learn and to grow on a continuous basis and are resolute in shaping our future. Our new and intelligent solutions make us a pioneer in the industry.
  • We are straightforward: We are honest and direct. We deal with our customers, shareholders and colleagues in a straightforward manner because they are our capital.
  • We deliver: We want to win. We seek to be successful by delivering top performance for our customers and shareholders. We deliver on our promises.

Our values are our foundation; they form the basis for successful, productive cooperation. We are working hard to continue to realise these values in our daily work and across all segments of the Group. We have launched two major initiatives to ensure our success in the long term:

A strong brand is a company’s identification system, both internally and externally. This is why we have put the UNIQA brand to the test. 88 brand ambassadors from all segments and regions have taken up the challenge of integrating the UNIQA brand into the fabric of our entire organisation by being role models. The points of contact between customers and the brand were developed at workshops, resulting in a total of 111 brand contact points. We are now working intensively to optimise these points for the benefit of our customers.

The second initiative is the “Customers understand UNIQA” project, in which we are analysing our customer communications with respect to our corporate values. Clear and comprehensible communication ensures mutual understanding and tailored solutions that increase customer satisfaction. We will continue to work on this in a concentrated and energetic manner in 2014.

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