3. Making the Code of Conduct transparent and suitable for day-to-day use

Having been developed in the previous year, in 2013 the Code of Conduct was introduced and implemented at all levels of our company with a focus on transparency and suitability for day-to-day use.

The Code of Conduct governs how employees deal with each other and how they interact with customers and business partners. It also governs the correct conduct for accepting and giving business gifts, secondary employment, donations, anti-discrimination, protecting the privacy of our customers, and more besides. One important aspect is the prevention of corruption and money laundering. UNIQA’s Code of Conduct is committed to promoting transparency and honest and ethical business practices, as well as the correct way of dealing with confidential information and strict adherence to competition regulations.

To ensure that the values set out in our Code of Conduct are integrated within the UNIQA team to the greatest possible extent, around 150 managers participated in national and international compliance training programmes in 2013.

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