„Most Trusted Brand“ UNIQA

Since 2003, UNIQA has been one of the “Most Trusted Brands” according to the Europe-wide customer survey sponsored annually by Reader’s Digest. UNIQA has earned this recognition with its products which precisely identify the needs of its customers. This excellent rating even in an international context reconfirms that UNIQA has been successful in integrating the numerous companies of the Group.

In other surveys, the company regularly achieves a top rating in brand and company awareness and customer satisfaction. This impressively confirms that customer satisfaction is a primary concern to UNIQA that it consistently addresses through on-going product innovations and attractive services.

In 2010, UNIQA again surpassed its top ratings of the previous year in the Gallup survey of competition. The brand UNIQA again received the highest image rating for the entire insurance industry throughout Austria which gives it a decisive competitive advantage. In particular, the company received a level of 65% for recognition and 31% for remembered advertising.

Austrian insurance customers have considered UNIQA to be the leading company in the areas of friendliness, innovation, service quality, company loyalty, brand loyalty and brand value for years. UNIQA likewise achieved the highest values across all insurance customers in answer to the question of which provider customers would choose when taking out a new policy.

UNIQA was able to once again confirm its leading position in the area of customer satisfaction in 2010. UNIQA was again chosen as the top company among Austrian insurers by 50% of the population. It received the best ratings in the insurance sector for company loyalty (48%), above-average service (50%), friendliness (42%) and innovation focus (34%).