Innovation leader in products and customer loyalty

UNIQA looks back on a long tradition of innovative product design that has secured it a clear competitive advantage on the market. The Group thereby pursues its policy of picking up quickly on market trends, acting as a trendsetter and occupying topics of the future. UNIQA believes that maintaining its position as a product pioneer and leader in innovation will remain an important key to expansion and success.

For UNIQA, the second important element in successfully conquering the market is maintaining customer loyalty by offering an attractive range of services that create perceptible added value for the customer, thereby making insurance a positive experience. Thanks to its high competence in developing products with extra features and a unique character, UNIQA is improving its brand image and supporting both the acquisition of new customers and targeted cross-selling in line with the total customer strategy. The UNIQA QualityPartnership was met with a highly favourable reception by over 450,000 customers, as was the comprehensive customer portal

Examples of recent innovative products and services are the UNIQA Mobile Services, offered since 2010 in the context of SafeLine and other property insurance programmes, which allow customers to report damages quickly and easily via a smart phone, or the severe weather warnings via SMS and e-mail that are continuously being expanded with new services. With SafeLine, UNIQA 2007 was the first Austrian insurance company to market car insurance with unique safety features related to the driving performance that rewards environmentally conscious customers with a reduction in premiums. The product has numerous innovative safety and service features such as the unique crash sensor that automatically notifies the ambulance service of ÖAMTC (the Austrian Automobile Club) in an accident.

Completely new products such as the individual and flexible pension package FlexSolution that offers variable combinations of classic and unit-linked elements of life insurance have ensured UNIQA‘s market leadership in this area. In addition, nursing care insurance is being continuously optimised as well as the subsidised pension plan, “Pension & Guarantee”, with its lifecycle model that offers an age-dependent, stepwise adaptation of the minimum share rate.