UNIQA life insurance – an attractive insurance package for customers

People go through different life phases and the changes are becoming increasingly flexible; UNIQA remains constantly at the ready with versatile and need-oriented answers. For example, burial costs insurance provides customers with the certainty that they have appropriate coverage for this difficult situation, allowing survivors to grieve without having to deal with a financial burden. In addition to financial coverage, burial costs insurance is customised to individual needs with expanded benefits, such as repatriation costs from a foreign country or from within the country of residence.

There were also special offers for UNIQA customers in the autumn 2010 campaign. Traditionally, all of the company’s customers who have signed a new life insurance contract with a yearly gross premium of €900 or more receive an attractive thank-you gift. UNIQA customers receive a free annual vignette for Austria’s interstates and motorways, and Raiffeisen insurance customers receive a one-time prepaid Visa card worth €80. Customers with government aided pension provisions can, under certain circumstances, receive a bonus from the Austrian government on all their premium payments. This attractive form of pension insurance ensures customers a life-long guaranteed pension with high flexibility and several advantages.