A special class of service for supplementary health insurance

Various levels of coverage offer special class UNIQA customers the best treatment and freedom from financial stress during hospital stays. With the MedUNIQA card introduced in 2008, over half a million customers now hold their “ticket” for a special class of treatment and are also eligible to receive extensive information on a wide range of health-related topics. The UNIQA medication compass and hospital compass are useful aids in all matters to do with medications, hospitals and their specialities as well as medical institutions. In addition, the MedUNIQA card can be expanded into a card for storing diagnoses for seamless documentation of a customer’s personal health history. The card can also be used as an emergency card by storing important information such as advance directives or names of family contacts.

Private Supreme – still “on top”

In the health insurance sector, UNIQA offers Private Supreme, an excellent combination of insurance protection and provision, as well as effective preventative measures and effective assistance services. The package covers special-class treatment in hospitals throughout Europe, as well as preventative measures and fitness training, choices of physician and treatment method, including reimbursement for all medications prescribed by a physician. UNIQA VitalCoaches stand ready to provide people insured by UNIQA with a comprehensive VitalCheck at the highest level of medical technology, and they will create a free FitnessProfile including a custom-tailored training plan. The customer also receives a refund of part of their premium with the FitnessBonus. The UNIQA team of physicians provides medical assistance on working days from 8:00am until 10:00pm and will answer all questions regarding health. Even in the event of traumatic experiences, such as developing cancer or the death of a family member, UNIQA stands by its customers and organises psychological care.

A new kind of nursing insurance

With CarePLUS, a new provision product in health insurance launched in 2010, UNIQA is expanding state-subsidised nursing care funds and closing the “gap in care”. Benefit payments begin as soon as documentation has been provided that shows that the insured is receiving state nursing care funds. The product can be purchased on its own or in combination with all other UNIQA health insurance products.

Next generation: Private health insurance and nursing care insurance even at a young age

With First Care, UNIQA offers a private health insurance policy for children and young people with automatic adaptation to growing insurance needs as life progresses. Up to the age of twelve, UNIQA covers the full costs for an accompanying person in all Austrian hospitals and public hospitals in Europe. Between twelve and 18 years of age, First Care covers accident-related hospital stays with special class treatment in a two-bed room for young people. Upon reaching adulthood, UNIQA covers all additional costs for special class treatment in the hospital after an accident as well as for many serious illnesses. In the area of nursing care insurance, UNIQA also now offers an inexpensive entry option at a young age – because the earlier the insurance is purchased, the less expensive the premium. This allows sufficiently high coverage for possible nursing needs in the future to be acquired for relatively low payments. Naturally, UNIQA also offers older people the option of concluding policies for nursing care coverage.