Measures to promote women and diversity concept

Measures to promote women on the Management Board, the Supervisory Board and in executive positions

UNIQA is convinced that a high degree of diversity can enhance its success on a sustainable basis. Diversity at management levels has a positive impact on corporate culture. We understand diversity as different nationalities, cultures and a collective of men and women.

In 2016, Jutta Kath became the second woman appointed to the Supervisory Board of UNIQA Insurance Group AG, thereby increasing the percentage of female Supervisory Board members to 20 per cent.

Over the course of 2017, the proportion of women on Management Boards and in senior executive positions throughout the Group remained constant at 25 per cent. The proportion of female managers in top positions in Austria, below the Management Board level, stands at precisely 20 per cent, while the proportion of women in Management Board functions in the international field is over 27 per cent.

UNIQA organises various group-wide leadership development programmes in which female executives too are prepared for future tasks and further career steps. Women make up 28 per cent of the participants in the SHAPE programme for leading managers, and even 42 per cent of the NEXT International programme for management talent of the next hierarchical level. In our executive programme for all Austrian managers NEXT AT, the proportion of female participants is 26 per cent.

Enabling employees to achieve a work-life balance and providing them with easy access to services that make everyday life easier, especially for mothers, are key factors in promoting women. UNIQA has created a comprehensive range of services known as “Freiraum” (Latitude) that addresses these needs.

Together with an external partner (Team Alice Pichler), the Company offers comprehensive childcare services even on “bridge days” (between a public holiday and the weekend). Within the scope of the mental health hotline “Keep Balance”, a cooperation with Hilfswerk Austria, anonymous advice and support is offered for all professional and private problems.

UNIQA also supports flexible working hours and offers the option of teleworking. In 2017, 22 per cent of administrative employees in Austria made use of part-time working, while 14 per cent opted for teleworking. A pilot project on mobile working was launched in 2017, which is intended to provide even greater flexibility.

Diversity concept

UNIQA Group does not currently pursue any diversity concept. Work is being done, however, on the development of such.