20. Subscribed capital and capital reserves

The share capital is comprised of 309,000,000 no-par bearer shares. Capital reserves include unallocated capital reserves, which primarily result from share .

Items recognised in other comprehensive income

Unrealised gains and losses from the revaluation of available-for-sale financial instruments impacted the equity in the item “Other comprehensive income”, taking into account deferred (for life insurance) and deferred tax.

Actuarial gains and losses from pension and termination benefit provisions were posted as “Revaluation from defined benefit obligations” after deducting deferred policyholder profit participation and deferred tax. The change in the deferred tax included in the equity without affecting income amounts to €25,105 thousand (2016: € –23,203 thousand).

Total premiums written. All premiums from contracts written in the financial year from business acquired by the company directly and as inward reinsurance.
Profit participation
Policyholders have a reasonable right under statutory and contractual regulations to the company’s surplus profits generated in life and health insurance. The level of this profit participation is determined again each year.