Our response: UNIQA 3.0

The “UNIQA 3.0 – Seeding the Future” growth programme represents a positive response to the challenges that arise with these megatrends. Our overriding vision is to improve the health and prosperity of our customers, as opposed to simply averting or mitigating the consequences of illness, harm and loss. We ensure a maximum focus on the customer for this by consistently aligning ourselves with our customers’ needs and further developing business segments that enable us to have more positive touch points with our customers.

As inspiring coaches we want to be reliable companions for our customers in improving their lives. People want to feel that someone is taking care of them. And we do this better than anyone else.

We will be the leader among service providers for a better life. Our Guiding Principles help us to act in line with this approach. As inspiring coaches, we carry an unwavering attitude in our hearts towards the world around us. An attitude that is positive, humane, builds on the strength of our community and creates benefits at all levels.

Icon – Customer first (Icon)

Customer first

We are organised around the customer segments Retail, Corporate and Affinity, and Banking. We focus resolutely on our customers’ needs and requirements and ask them for their opinions. Customer feedback with five-star ratings shows us whether we are living up to this principle.

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We all take responsibility as a company and seek out the best and fastest solutions for our customers. We act in an entrepreneurial and customer-focused way, rather than based on bureaucracy or policy. We take decisions and also give our colleagues this space.

Icon – Community (Icon)


We also support each other beyond our established responsibilities in order to serve our customers as effectively as possible. We are committed to continuously improving our cooperation. We live diversity as part of everyday life – intolerance and exclusion have no place in our company.

Icon – Simplicity (Icon)


We prioritise the benefits provided by simple solutions above those of best-in-class solutions. We place personal conversations and discussions above written communication in our cooperation and reduce the number of recipients to just those expected to take action. We always respond promptly and to the point.

Icon – Integrity (Icon)


We stand firmly by our values and policies in all our actions. Transparent communication forms part of our everyday life. We do everything we can to keep the promises we have made.

Our business objectives 2021–2025
Our business objectives 2021–2025 (graphic)
Core financial initiatives UNIQA 3.0
Core financial initiatives – UNIQA 3.0 (graphic)