Two new brand insurance programmes in Germany

Mannheimer Krankenversicherung AG (MKV), known on the German market particularly for its highly flexible and feature-rich full insurance policies, launched two new product programmes in 2008 and 2009: MENTOR® UNFALL and HUMANIS® TAGEGELD. While MENTOR® UNFALL covers accidents as well as infections, femoral neck fractures and impaired consciousness in the second half of life, HUMANIS® TAGEGELD secures attractive, long-term additional income in the event of nursing care as of care level II. Both products were received very well by the market.

Purchased in 2004 by UNIQA Beteiligungs-Verwaltungs GmbH, the MKV company was sold back to Mannheimer AG Holding in April 2009 for a price of €23 million, thus re-integrating it into the Mannheimer Group. On 30 September 2009, the company’s equity base as well as its competitive position were additionally secured with a capital increase of €7 million.