Market review 2009

  • Credo-Classic in the Ukraine celebrated the 15th anniversary of its founding on 10 February 2009. As part of the formal celebrations, the company received an award from the national insurance association for its major contributions to the development of the Ukrainian insurance industry. While the Ukrainian market shrunk by 25% in 2009, the business of the UNIQA Group grew by over 50% in the local currency.
  • In Switzerland, UNIQA concluded an interesting contract with the United Nations. The package includes supplemental health insurance for 5,000 persons in the Geneva UN organisations with an annual premium volume of €4.5 million.
  • In Poland, UNIQA was able to win over a well known face from the world of sports as an advertising spokesperson: Bogdan Wenta, trainer of the national men’s handball team now personifies UNIQA in Poland. Among other products, Wenta advertises the new UNIQA Bonus Club – a customer loyalty tool unique to Poland that already has a membership of 16,500 customers. In implementation of Group standards, 42 Polish branches were branded in compliance with UNIQA rules in 2009 and another 18 branches in the UNIQA design were opened.
  • The roadshow of the Croatian UNIQA osiguranje in Zagreb was also an opportunity to celebrate the tenth birthday of the UNIQA brand in the presence of the Croatian CEO, Saša Krbavac, as well as Austrian Board Members Konstantin Klien and Gottfried Wanitschek. 300 employees as well as the Croatian ad spokesperson Slaven Bilic took part in this event. Donations were also collected for children suffering from cancer.
  • In Serbia, UNIQA osiguranje was recognised for the second time by the Serbian national bank as the most reliable insurance company in claim processing. The reliability in claim processing serves as the overall most important criterion in the evaluation of insurance companies.
  • In October, the Montenegran UNIQA osiguranje participated in the 12th Car Show in Budva. Alongside 35 exhibitors from Montenegro and Serbia, UNIQA presented its automobile insurance products with great success. The launch of the new health insurance product IMPULS also took place in Montenegro in 2009.
  • The Group company in Liechtenstein was able to further expand and secure its good market position in the Swiss market as an art insurer. The 17-person team was also pleased by the move into an attractive new brick building of Raiffeisen Bank (Liechtenstein) AG.
  • After the successes in Austria, the proven UNIQA severe weather warning service was also introduced in Hungary in 2009. The same is true of SafeLine, the insurance product that can save lives. The new UNIQA headquarters in Budapest was formally dedicated on 15 December 2009.
  • Like the QualityPartnership in Austria, the UNIQA Group also successfully employs innovative customer loyalty programmes and tools in other countries, such as the UNIQA Bonus Club in Poland or the severe weather warning service in Hungary.
Werbesujet Ein neues UNIQA Werbegesicht ist der Trainer der polnischen Herren-Handball-Nationalmannschaft Bogdan Wenta. Er wirbt u.a. auch für den neuen UNIQA Bonus Club in Polen. (Bild)

Bogdan Wenta, the trainer of the Polish men’s handball team is one of the new faces of
UNIQA’s advertising campaigns. He can be seen, amongst others, in advertisements for the
new UNIQA Bonus Club in Poland.