Continued push toward internationalisation

As one of the key market players in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe, the UNIQA Group now holds over 15 million contracts. 21 markets between the Adriatic and the Baltic, between Lake Constance and the Black Sea are served today by a total of roughly 22,000 employees of the UNIQA Group and its partners.

The countries in Central Eastern Europe (CEE) as well as the Eastern Emerging Markets (EEM) have made significant contributions to these impressive numbers for years. In 2009, these regions were responsible for 20.1% of the total premium volume of the UNIQA Group and 36.8% of the existing insurance contracts. Just five years ago, these values were at 10.1% and 24.9%, respectively.

With inclusion of the profitable insurance niches held in Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy, the share of international premiums within the entire Group exceeded 34.6% in 2009. Continuously increasing this value remains an important goal for UNIQA. The Austrian market remained a firm foundation for the Group with a rise in premium revenue by 4.9% to €3.8 billion and a share in Group premiums of 65.4%.

Growth in Eastern and South Eastern Europe in 2009

  • Significant premium increases in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and the Ukraine
  • Market entrance into Russia through founding of the Raiffeisen Life insurance company in Moscow
  • Takeover of a majority of the Albanian Sigal Group with presence in Kosovo and Macedonia
  • Opening of new head offices in Budapest, Podgorica and Sarajevo
  • Intensifying the cooperation with Veneto Banca in Italy