FlexSolution – individual and flexible insurance package

Advertisement Individually tailored to each phase of life: with the innovative FlexSolution, UNIQA is a leader in the area of life insurance. (photo)

Individually tailored to each phase of life:
with the innovative FlexSolution, UNIQA is
a leader in the area of life insurance.

The FlexSolution product, which was brought onto the market in 2008, was the first product in Austria to combine classic and unit-linked life insurance within a single contract, allowing it to be individually adapted to the customer’s life situation. The weighting of the guarantee portion and the yield-oriented investment varies according to the investor’s wishes. Through this unique flexibility, customers have the ability to redefine and adapt the policy to their specific personal needs and goals even during the term of the contract for every phase of their life.

Three basic insurance packages are available for beginners, security-conscious individuals and families. However, customers can also individually assemble their own personal insurance package. Supplemental components round out this personal package: premium exemption in event of occupational disability, occupational disability pension, life insurance, dread disease (insurance for severe illness), special class treatment after accidents or special class treatments after accidents and severe illnesses. In addition, the take-a-break option (interruption of premium payments) as well as an upgrade option for life insurance and dread disease are also available. This allows the investor to financially cover himself and his family with more than just basic insurance.

The product has been received very well thanks to its flexibility and the combination of two investment worlds. Since its introduction, an impressive 20,000 FlexSolution policies have been concluded. A similar product is also offered by our partner, Raiffeisen Versicherung, in the form of “My flexible life insurance”. This product also flexibly and individually combines classic and unit-linked life insurance.

FlexSolution – advantages at a glance

  • Combining the advantages of two worlds – guaranteed benefits with higher earnings opportunities
  • Flexible splitting of the premium between the guarantee portion and yield-oriented component
  • Guarantee portion: option to choose between classic (minimum interest plus profit sharing) or more heavily yield-oriented investment
  • Yield-oriented component: Option to choose from three expertly managed portfolios (stock portions from 20% to 100%) or over 150 individual funds of internationally renowned capital investment companies
  • The opportunity to make changes to all choices at any time
  • Individual term and withdrawal structuring