Our growth trajectory is shaped by clearly defined objectives and a clearly focused strategy. The successes we have enjoyed over the past ten years confirm this.

1. Customer growth

  • Double the number of customers from 7.5 to 15 million by 2020
  • Number 1 in Austria and number 3 in CEE by 2020

2. Concentration on the core business

Concentration on the core business: primary insurance in both core markets of Austria and CEE

3. Implementation of key programmes

  • UNIQA Austria: increase profitability
  • Raiffeisen Insurance: increase productivity
  • UNIQA International: grow profitably
  • Risk/return: value-oriented corporate management

4. Solid capital base

  • Strengthen equity
  • Easier and exchange-friendly Group structure
  • Re-IPO 2013

5. Attractive financial figures

  • Improving earnings before taxes by up to € 400 million