1 Customer growth


Number of customers

In millions

Number of customers (line chart)

2 Concentration on the core business





Mannheimer Versicherung
in DE

Basler in HR and RS, EBRD shares in CEE


Hotels, media groups


3 Implementation of key programmes

-8.5 PP

Combined ratio

In per cent

Combined ratio (line chart)

4 Solid capital base

+11 PP

Economic capital requirement ratio (ECR/SCR ratio)

In per cent

Economic capital requirement ratio (ECR/SCR ratio) (line chart)

5 Attractive financial figures


Earnings before taxes

In € million

Earnings before taxes (line chart)
Dividend per share

In € cent

Dividend per share (line chart)

1) Including AXA companies
2) 2019: capital requirement ()
3) Including Italian contributions
4) Excluding Italian contributions
5) The Supervisory Board reserves the right to review and/or approve the proposal for the appropriation of profit submitted by the Management Board due to the COVID 19 crisis until further notice.

An insurance company’s equity base.
Solvency Capital Requirement. The eligible own funds that insurers or reinsurers must hold to enable them to absorb significant losses and give reasonable assurance to policyholders and beneficiaries that payments will be made as they fall due. It is calculated to ensure that all quantifiable risks (such as market risk, credit risk, life underwriting risk) are reliably taken into account. It covers both current operating activities and the new business expected in the subsequent twelve months.