Living better together

Some day, history will probably describe 2023 as having been part of an era marked by the advent of upheavals signifying a profound transformation – one that at the time still remained largely obscure. Global efforts to fight climate change were marred by discord, while acute geopolitical crises unfolded in the Middle East, in Africa, and as a consequence of the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine. At the same time, there was a noticeable radicalisation of the political landscape, even in inherently robust democratic nations. Social and healthcare systems faced strains in an ageing Western world that had become somewhat complacent, even as its success story of the last eight decades was at risk of being cut short by entrenched interests, a reluctance to embrace reform and disagreement over intergenerational solidarity related to the concept of “productivity”.

And yet every crisis offers opportunities. We are very pleased and proud to be able to serve 16.7 million customers in 17 European countries and provide them with a sense of security in an unstable world. “We” – that is around 16,000 dedicated employees, some of whom are introducing themselves to you personally in this report on the 2023 financial year. Because we want to make a reliable contribution so that you, as our shareholders, can enjoy living better together with UNIQA.