Respect for human rights

Proper and respectful interaction with people is at the heart of our corporate culture. Our human rights policy embodies our strong commitment to key issues of human rights and ensures that they can be protected and upheld. A violation of human rights through our business activities or through projects or customers insured by us would have a serious impact on the individuals in question and would result in reputational damage and legal consequences for the UNIQA Group.

Our accession to the UN Global Compact in 2020 means we are committed to observing the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights throughout the UNIQA Group. The ten principles contained within this have been incorporated into our Group-wide UNIQA Code of Conduct.

As an insurer, we strive to protect and promote human rights among our employees, among our suppliers, in our investments (including principal adverse impacts) and in the way we deal with our customers. We implemented dedicated policies and standards in each of the abovementioned areas in order to minimise human rights risks and make the most of opportunities. Examples of this are: UNIQA Guidelines for Responsible Investments, UNIQA Corporate Business Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Standard and the corresponding assessment of ESG risks und UNIQA Diversity & Inclusion Policy.


Target achievement in 2023

2024 targets

Integration of human rights

Embedding the UNIQA Code of Conduct (human rights, labour standards, environmental protection, anti-corruption) in the registration process for suppliers

Further integration of human rights policies into all relevant business lines and core processes