Employee matters

Our 15,494 employees1) (2022: 15,296) are at the heart of our sustainability journey. Investing in their development, promoting diversity and introducing new working models allows us to improve our organisational capabilities and contribute towards a more sustainable and equitable future. The focus of this section is on our People strategy as well as the associated concepts and measures. Strong engagement in areas such as diversity, inclusion, education and training is essential to prevent brain drain and the loss of talent. The resulting financial and operational barriers have a negative impact not only on the UNIQA Group but also on the labour market.

In 2023, we created a strategic Group People function that is aligned with our Corporate Strategy 3.0 and our People strategy and addresses the current needs of employees as well as future challenges and opportunities. By introducing the new Group People operating model in all our core countries, we are strengthening international cooperation and developing a clear matrix organisation. Management dashboards with key performance indicators were introduced in all countries as part of strategic HR development. This enables us to monitor relevant data on employee structure and development in an efficient manner, respond flexibly to personnel changes and implement targeted measures for employee retention.

We want to be one of the most attractive employers in the financial sector, true to our motto, “Living better together”. This year, the first Group-wide Employee Experience survey was therefore conducted with the involvement of all local People teams. The results were made available to all line managers via online dashboards and formed the basis for developing action plans at Group and local level.

Annual personal targets are set for all employees to help them achieve the company’s overarching goals. A feedback meeting between the employee and manager takes place at least once a year, followed by a meeting at the end of the year. There is currently no standardised Group-wide system, so each country applies its own process. We are planning to develop a Group-wide approach and corresponding reporting in 2024.

With respect to professional development, we attach great importance to our employees continuously learning and growing in order to provide them with access to the latest knowledge and skills. Our UNIQA academies use a mixture of experience-based learning (70 per cent), mentoring from managers and colleagues (20 per cent), and formal training and further education (10 per cent). On average, our employees invested 16.5 hours in training and education during the 2023 reporting year (2022: 14.8 hours). We have also been offering a new management development programme across the entire UNIQA Group since autumn 2022. This specifically addresses the requirements for our forward-looking UNIQA 3.0 programme and aims to transform our management into inspiring coach leaders.

We prioritize the work-life balance, personal development and health of our employees in our benefits strategy. Flexible working hours and options for working from home support a balanced lifestyle and allow employees to choose the model that suits them best. For this reason, no distinction is made between part-time and full-time employees when granting benefits. We invest in comprehensive training programmes and encourage professional development. We supplement the state’s social systems and organise social events on a regular basis. This strategy reflects our commitment to sustainability and employee well-being and is continuously adapted to the needs of our workforce.

At both PremiQaMed and UNIQA Austria, risks to health and safety in the workplace are identified, assessed and addressed in accordance with the provisions of the Austrian Employee Protection Act (ASchG) and the measures recommended or specified by the responsible safety experts. Furthermore, any incidents that affect employee safety are investigated in accordance with the Employee Protection Act and appropriate steps are taken to prevent future incidents. In addition, safety officers take care of the well-being of employees.


Target achievement in 2023

2024 targets

Attractive employer

The new People operating model introduced as of 1 July 2023 and rolled out in all countries to create a strategic Group function in the area now renamed from HR to People

Development of a differentiated Employee Value Proposition (EVP) with local and functional variants that will position the UNIQA Group as a top employer and help us to attract the right people for the right roles; introduction of a modern, AI-supported and dynamic Group-wide careers website

Employee satisfaction

First Group-wide employee experience survey with a response rate of 75 per cent

Expansion of employee surveys at regular intervals (quarterly) and implementation of action plans in the countries


Management dashboards with strategic People Analytics rolled out in all countries

Overview of local benefits in each country and developing minimum standards for the UNIQA Group

1) The employee key figures include data from the fully consolidated insurance companies in the following countries: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Switzerland and Ukraine as well as PremiQaMed. Figures as of 31 December.