Customer focus and innovative services and products

An insurance company must provide security: our customers expect a level of risk cover that is tailored to their individual circumstances, and we support them in preventing damage and loss with easy customer-friendly communication and rapid processing when there is a claim. As a companion who is there to support our customers, we always think and act from their perspective. Because clarity and transparency play a key role in customer satisfaction, they are given high priority in our internal sales guideline.

The growing demand for sustainable insurance solutions is strongly shaping our advisory services. Through targeted automation in the advisory process, the UNIQA Group creates a smooth connection between the digital and physical world in order to document the concerns of our customers transparently and efficiently while also making sufficient time for personal consultations. We invest specifically in sustainability training for our sales team, using a variety of training formats such as asynchronous e-learning modules and face-to-face events. We have also been able to obtain support for these measures from experts in academia and NGOs as well as from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action.

We aim to reduce our ecological footprint by expanding our customer portal myUNIQA. In 2023, around 565,000 registered customers used this innovative service. In addition, more than 21 per cent of our private customers already receive their insurance documents purely digitally by email. This allows us to make relevant savings in carbon emissions.

We also use customer complaints as an important feedback tool. We deal with requests, problems and complaints quickly using a solution-based approach in order to learn from them and improve our processes. To further simplify the handling of complaints, we are creating a common platform for the Customer Touchpoint & Case Management department and our Ombudsperson’s Office, which will be finalised by the end of 2024. In the 2023 reporting year, 1,135 complaints were registered in Austria, a decrease of 11 per cent compared with the previous year (2022: 1,280).


Target achievement in 2023

Outlook for 2024


Wide range of training formats to integrate sustainability into the advisory approach; testing and implementation of training formats with the support of experts from academia and NGOs.

LIMAK university course for managers in Austria to increase awareness and understanding of sustainability (tailored to UNIQA as a company)