We offer investors:
Two attractive investment options

When speaking of UNIQA as an investment, most people think of our shares. But our bonds are also an interesting investment option. Like UNIQA shares, they are listed – albeit less prominently – on the Vienna Stock Exchange. UNIQA shares, which have been included in the ATX Top Dividend since December 2022, are among the 15 highest-dividend stocks on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Our bonds consistently receive a credit rating of very good from Standard & Poor’s, and the outlook was even raised last year.

Behind all of this is a sustainably strong company performance. UNIQA did very well again in 2023 despite all the challenges. While our financial result increased significantly in 2023, the technical result came under some pressure due to the severe weather events in the summer. Overall, earnings before taxes of €426 million were satisfactory. Nevertheless, we are satisfied with our combined ratio of 89.4 per cent. We will therefore submit an attractive dividend proposal of €0.57 per share to the Annual General Meeting in June 2024.