What we want to be:
More than just an insurance company

For more than two centuries, we have been at our customers’ side. As a reliable partner, we see it as our responsibility to give them security – in terms of health and prevention as well as in protecting their property. We do this through a wide range of offers and services that have long since gone far beyond the scope of traditional insurance.

After all, in an increasingly complex world that is full of challenges, it is not enough to be just an insurance company. Climate change, natural catastrophes, changes in demographics and the world of work, political conflicts, growing mountains of debt, Covid-19 and shortages of raw materials and supplies, wars right in the heart of Europe and in the Middle East, soaring energy prices and massive inflation – all of this has called many basic premises of our world today into question. Trust and security are becoming increasingly important in this environment, for society and the economy as a whole, but also for each individual.

This is precisely where UNIQA can play an important role. And because we want to continue doing this with our characteristic reliability and to our usual high standard in future, we have been working hard on optimising and expanding our business since the end of 2020 as part of the UNIQA 3.0 strategic programme. In 2023, we once again made great progress in this regard.