Measures to promote women on the Management Board, the Supervisory Board and in executive positions

A community the size of ours at UNIQA lives and breathes through diversity. We value and respect each other, regardless of gender, age, origin, physical ability, religion or ideology. Our employees are just as diverse as our customers. A diverse workforce helps us to better understand our customers and better serve their different needs. For us, the guiding principle “Living better together” is only fulfilled when equal rights and equal opportunities are given in their entirety.

UNIQA is convinced that diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion promote employee loyalty to the company as well as their innovative potential and productivity. Since they lead to higher customer satisfaction and better financial results, diversity and inclusion are also a decisive factor for economic success and growth.

With Marie-Valerie Brunner, Anna Maria D’Hulster and Jutta Kath, three women are now on the Supervisory Board of UNIQA Insurance Group AG. This means that the proportion of female Supervisory Board members among the elected members (shareholder representatives) reaches the legally required 30 per cent. With Sabine Andre and Irene Berger, two women have also been delegated to the group of employee representatives on the Supervisory Board, which means that this board even has a ratio of 40 per cent female members now. In relation to the full Supervisory Board, the legal quota of women is also exceeded with a share of 33 per cent.

Since 1 April 2023, the nine members of the identical Management Boards of UNIQA Insurance Group AG and UNIQA Österreich Versicherungen AG have also included a woman, Sabine Pfeffer. This was an important step on the way towards “more women in management positions”. The UNIQA Group does of course also continue to implement various accompanying measures in addition to its clear commitment to this goal. The objective is to change the framework conditions and prerequisites in such a way that the organisation becomes more permeable overall for women’s careers. At 57.9 per cent (2022: 57.8 per cent), the share of women in the total workforce in the UNIQA Group remained stable at the end of 2023. This high proportion is driven primarily by the international insurance companies (62.8 per cent).

The proportion of women on the Management Boards in the Group is 26.3 per cent and therefore once again fell slightly compared to 2022 (2022: 27.1 per cent). Of a total of 523 managers in Austria, 174 are women, which corresponds to a steady share of over 33 per cent. In the UNIQA Group’s international companies, 48.6 per cent of the managers are currently women. This corresponds to an increase of 1.2 percentage points compared to the previous year (47.4 per cent). As a result, the proportion of female managers in the entire UNIQA Group rose slightly in 2023 to 43.6 per cent (699 of a total of 1,604 persons) compared to the previous year (43.0 per cent).