Customer focus and innovative services and products

An insurance company must provide security: our customers expect a level of risk cover that is tailored to their individual circumstances, and we support them in preventing damage and loss – with easy customer-friendly communication and rapid processing when there is a claim. As a companion who is there to support our customers, we always think and act from their perspective.

According to our internal sales guideline, clarity and transparency play a key role in customer satisfaction. We are constantly working to ensure our product information sheets are concise and easy to understand while also meeting statutory requirements. Training helps our employees communicate in a way that is not only technically correct but also customer-friendly and clear.

Where endowment life insurance is concerned, as of August 2022, the EU’s Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) stipulates that not only are the financial objectives of customers to be recorded, but also their non-financial objectives with regard to their sustainability preference. This has resulted in new topics for discussion in personal consultations: we specifically prepare our sales colleagues for this with targeted further education and training on sustainability topics. Our customers’ sustainability preferences are captured digitally during the consultation processes in a structured way, thus providing the basis for offering the best possible products.

We are also continuing to enhance our myUNIQA customer portal, with customers receiving their insurance documents in fully digital format in their mailbox. We no longer send these documents in paper format; customers can calculate the resulting CO2 savings in an online tool we have designed specifically for this purpose. We continue to digitise frequently-accessed services, such as the submission of private medical care invoices, while also developing new digital services, such as a data protection-compliant electronic messenger function that customers can use to chat with our advisors and exchange documents. Our myUNIQA plus advantage club, which offers numerous benefits such as location-based severe weather warnings, is also integrated in the customer portal. Around 250,000 customers were registered in 2022.

In addition, we have tried-and-tested methods of improving the customer focus of our products, sales, claims/benefits and service – all areas that are of fundamental importance to our customers – and can learn specific lessons from the daily feedback we obtain along the customer journey.

We also use customer complaints as an important feedback tool. Our complaint management is made up of two processes. First of all, we deal with the customer’s concerns properly. Then we attempt to identify and implement potential positive effects from a customer complaint in a consistent way so as to ensure the customer’s experience is a positive one.

Developing sustainable products and services combined with social responsibility is very important to us. As part of our homeowner insurance policy, we offer premium-free cover for up to six months in the event of unemployment.

Targets and target achievement: customer focus and innovative services and products


Target achievement in 2022

2023 targets

Product development

Our long-term strategic goal is to be reliable partners for our customers as inspiring coaches to improve their lives. By expanding our digital advisory and communications solutions, we have improved the transparency and availability of insurance solutions for our customers.

We continue to focus our efforts on developing products and services with sustainable social benefits for our customers and expanding the benefits of digital processes and innovative solutions.