Human rights

The proper and respectful treatment of people is a key part of the fabric of our company and therefore at the core of our corporate culture. Our human rights policy embeds our firm commitment to key human rights issues, ensuring that human rights can be protected and upheld at UNIQA.

Our accession to the UN Global Compact in 2020 means we are committed to observing the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights throughout the UNIQA Group. The ten principles it defines were incorporated into the latest Group-wide UNIQA Code of Conduct. Each year we report on the progress we have made in this area.

As an insurer, we are responsible for protecting and promoting human rights across the entire Group, in our investments, in the way we deal with our customers and throughout our supply chain. In the 2021 financial year, in cooperation with members of the Raiffeisen Sustainability Initiative (RNI), we began working on a template for a human rights policy. We continued this work in 2022, implementing various guidelines and standards (UNIQA Guidelines for Responsible Investments, UNIQA Corporate Business Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Standard) in each of the above areas to minimise risks in relation to human rights and take advantage of new opportunities.

Targets and target achievement: human rights


Target achievement in 2022

2023 targets

Integration of human rights

By acceding to the UN Global Compact and embedding its principles in our Code of Conduct, we have laid the foundations for ensuring that our corporate processes observe human rights.

We will continue integrating human rights guidelines into all of the relevant business lines and core processes, in particular by integrating the requirements laid down in the upcoming regulation (CSDDD) into our governance for the core business.