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Human rights

The proper and respectful treatment of people is a key part of the fabric of our company and therefore at the core of our corporate culture. In this sense, setting an example with upholding human rights is one of our deeply held beliefs. Respect for human dignity is a fundamental benchmark for us, particularly when it comes to employees. We commit to not discriminating against anyone based on ethnic background, skin colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation or other characteristics. Building on this commitment we set internal standards in our Code of Conduct for ethical conduct that go beyond those of the applicable laws. We are constantly working towards integrating human rights issues more strongly into our processes so that we can reliably fulfil new requirements.

By acceding to the UN Global Compact in November 2020, we are committed to observing the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights throughout the entire UNIQA Group. The ten principles featured in the Global Compact have been incorporated into our UNIQA Code of Conduct. We report on our progress in this regard once a year.

During the 2021 financial year, we worked together with other members of the Raiffeisen Sustainability Initiative (RSI) to start drafting a template for a human rights policy. The aim here is to be able to address human rights implications more precisely in a business model and in upstream and downstream service relationships. Once this project has finished, our intention is to implement its findings within our Group.

Targets and target achievement – Human rights


Target achievement in 2021

Targets for 2022

Integration of human rights

By acceding to the UN Global Compact alongside our collaboration with other members of the Raiffeisen Sustainability Initiative (RSI), we have laid the foundations for integrating human rights into our corporate processes.

We will continue integrating human rights guidelines into all of the relevant business lines and core processes.