Highlights 2021

Merger with AXA subsidiaries in CEE successfully completed

It was the largest acquisition of an Austrian insurance group in CEE and, at around €1 billion, the largest corporate acquisition in our company’s history. The integration of the former AXA companies in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia has been in full swing since then, and in September 2021 the legal merger took place. The first positive synergy effects were seen in the same year. The additional 5 million customers with around €800 million in have put us in fifth place among the top insurance companies in CEE – with premium income of over €2.3 billion.

Green bond for climate-friendly projects:
€375 million bonds newly issued

With more than €1 billion in sustainable investments and the objective of being climate-neutral by 2040, our Group is one of the pioneers in the Austrian insurance industry. After the first green bond for climate-friendly projects in 2020, UNIQA issued another green bond in December 2021, which was very well received by our investors. The final bond has a maturity of 20 years and is rated BBB, with a coupon of 2.375 per cent per year. Alongside this issue, we repurchased subordinated bonds in the amount of €375 million with coupons of 6.875 and 6.000 per cent. UNIQA is the only insurance company in Austria to be a partner of the -Zero Asset Owner Alliance”. We are thus committed to reporting in detail on progress in the area of sustainable ­investment.

New UNIQA campaign:
“living better together”

Our new campaign “living better together” illustrates the vision behind our future strategy UNIQA 3.0 – Seeding the Future. UNIQA wants to accompany people on their way to leading a better life and show them that they are not alone in this. Risks are not imposed on an individual, but rather borne jointly – our new campaign thus builds on the basic idea of the insurance principle. However, by employing the UNIQA 3.0 future strategy, we are going a step further and offer not only protection against damage, but also innovative services. By doing this, UNIQA supports and accompanies people in exercising their own ­responsibility.

SanusX continues to grow

SanusX continues to expand, making not one but two acquisitions in 2021.Founded in April 2020, our subsidiary SanusX is driving the UNIQA Group’s development into a holistic healthcare provider. With the acquisition of consentiv, the Austrian market leader for employee mental healthcare, and a 39 per cent stake in cura domo Holding, which specialises in home nursing and care, SanusX opened up two more attractive business segments shortly after the successful market launch of the SanusX Health Shield for Covid-19 testing. The common objective: to expand the existing consulting activities and build up smart prevention solutions.

Double growth capital for bold future investments

We doubled the investment volume available to the UNIQA Group’s venture capital company from €75 to €150 million in 2021. With over 30 participations, five exits, a unicorn and a solid annual return of more than 20 per cent, UNIQA Ventures is already one of the most active corporate venture capital funds in Europe. And thanks to the doubled investment volume, additional European start-ups can now be supported with growth capital. The focus remains on the FinTech, InsurTech and Digital Health sectors.

UNIQA Austria’s post-COVID-check is met with enormous demand

Within a single month of its launch, almost 1,000 bookings for the UNIQA post-COVID-check were received. This huge influx confirms the high demand in the fight against Long Covid. After all, up to 20 per cent of those recovered continue to suffer from the after effects of the Covid-19 disease. UNIQA was therefore the first private health insurance company to offer a post-Covid-19 check to around 570,000 insured persons with subsequent complaints and all affected UNIQA employees in Austria. This enabled us to provide people displaying Long-Covid symptoms with comprehensive health checks – including heart ultrasound, (resting) ECG, blood tests, antibody and lung function tests – at 30 locations throughout Austria.

myUNIQA plus:
A new loyalty programme for UNIQA customers in Austria with annual bonus

Since August 2021, our customers have had access to myUNIQA plus – a completely new, innovative bonus and customer loyalty programme. One of the many advantages: with myUNIQA plus, claim-free customers receive up to €600 of their annual premium back each year. The connected myUNIQA app is primarily intended to make everyday life easier for its users: they can access all contracts, submit medical and medication bills and report household damage online at any time. In addition, there is also the option of registering for severe weather warnings completely free of charge. The range of myUNIQA plus is now constantly being expanded. The only requirement for participation: UNIQA products with a corresponding premium threshold as well as the use of the myUNIQA app and the myUNIQA portal.

Total premiums written. All premiums from contracts written in the financial year from business acquired by the company directly and as inward reinsurance.
The part of risk which is assumed but that the insurer/reinsurer does not cede as reinsurance.