UNIQA 3.0 – Seeding the future

At the end of 2020, we set out with the UNIQA 3.0 strategic programme to sustainably increase our relevance and impact in people’s lives. Because it is not enough for us to be just an insurance company. We must and we also want to be more than that.

Response to the current challenges

The growth programme “UNIQA 3.0 – Seeding the Future” is the positive response to the many challenges facing society, the economy and people today.

Our overriding vision is to protect and improve the health and prosperity of our customers in this environment. To achieve this, we focus on maximum customer orientation by consistently meeting the needs of our customers and further developing business segments that enable us to have more positive points of contact with them. At the same time, we are increasingly focusing on sustainability in all our activities.

Ambitious objectives ...

The two main strands of action in the implementation of this vision are the optimisation of our core business – newly divided into the customer segments Retail, Corporate and Affinity, and Banking – on the one hand, and the re-exploration of innovative business segments, digital business models and the development of an ecosystem in the health sector on the other.

The overriding objective is to be the leading service provider for a better life. Other ambitions are to maintain our market leadership in Austria, to become number 5 in CEE – which we have already achieved – to be cost-efficient and profitable, and to position ourselves as the most attractive employer in the industry.

The financial targets set for 2025 under UNIQA 3.0 are very concrete and ambitious: they concern premium growth (approx. 3 per cent p.a.), the in property/casualty insurance (approx. 93 per cent), the total (approx. 25 per cent), the (>9 per cent), the ratio (>170 per cent) and customer satisfaction (4.5 stars out of 5). This should enable us to earn our cost of capital on a sustainable basis. At the same time, it allows us to pay attractive dividends and invest in the future – positively for our company’s employees and customers as well as for its shareholders. We have already made measurable progress in each area in 2021.

... and clear principles

In our relationship with our customers, but also in the company itself, we always want to be inspiring coaches and are guided in our actions by five clear principles: Customer first, simplicity, responsibility, integrity, and community.

Combined ratio
Total of operating expenses and insurance benefits divided by the (net) premiums earned in property and casualty insurance.
Cost ratio
Ratio of total operating expenses (net of reinsurance commissions received and share of profit from reinsurance ceded) to consolidated premiums earned (including savings portions of unit-linked and index-linked life insurance).
Return on equity (ROE)
The return on equity is the ratio of the profit/(loss) to the average equity, after deducting non-controlling interests in each case.
An insurance company’s equity base.