What we want to be: More than just an insurance company

Our world is currently facing major challenges: Developments and events such as a brutal war of aggression in one of our markets, the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, demographic changes, increasing natural catastrophes, increased inflation, high energy prices, shortages of raw materials and supplies, as well as growing mountains of debt challenge not only companies and entire economies, but each and every one of us. The question is: Who provides security in such a scenario? Who can we trust?

This is the challenge we face at UNIQA. Because security has been our mission for more than 200 years. We stand by our customers and help them to assume their own responsibility – in terms of health and prevention as well as in protecting their property. In order to be able to do this sustainably, we must continue to develop. As a basis and guideline for this, we presented the UNIQA 3.0 strategic programme at the end of 2020. And we have already made good progress in implementing it in 2021.