Non-financial report

Customer focus and innovative services and products

An insurance company must provide security; our customers expect safeguards appropriate to their life situations, and we can support them in preventing damage and loss as well as with easy customer-friendly communication and rapid processing when there is a claim. In our supporting role, we always think and conduct ourselves from a customer perspective.

According to our internal sales guideline, clarity and transparency play a key role in ensuring customer satisfaction. We are constantly working to ensure our product information sheets are concise and easy to comprehend, and at the same time fulfil the statutory requirements. Training helps our employees to communicate not only technically correctly but also in a customer-friendly and understandable manner.

With our Customer Centricity Index (CCI), we have provided a structured way to make our customers’ voices heard at existing and new customer touchpoints. We therefore have a proven method we can use to align our mission-critical product, sales, claim/benefit and service efforts even more with our customers’ needs. We learn from daily feedback and around 120,000 actively collected customer assessments each year and, on this basis, continually improve our processes, services and touchpoints throughout the so-called customer journey. Our digital customer advice measures ensure we are close to our customers without our advisors needing to be physically present. As a result, we are not only increasing efficiency and helping our customers and employees save time, but also reducing emissions as well.

We also use customer complaints as an important feedback tool. Our complaint management is made up of two processes. First of all, we deal with the customer’s concerns properly. Then we attempt to identify and implement potential positive effects from a customer complaint in a consistent way so as to ensure the customer’s experience is a positive one.

Developing sustainable products and services combined with social responsibility is very important to us. As part of our homeowner insurance policy, we offer premium-free cover for up to six months in the event of unemployment.

We have also made some important developments over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic. As an example, telemedical services have been included under the new private medical insurance cover since June 2021. This will be expanded further in future too. This service helps minimise face-to-face contact, particularly in times of a pandemic, without compromising on health care provision. Following the development of the post-COVID-check in 2021, we now offer our customers and employees suffering from the after-effects of Covid-19 the opportunity to get examined medically and be given some reassurance over their own health. Our offering was also extended to include post-COVID-eCoaching, which we offer working in collaboration with our partner enlivio. The aim here is to support customers after they have had Covid-19 with some moderate training activity and give them the motivation to get fit.

Targets and target achievement – Customer focus and innovative services and products


Target achievement in 2021

Targets for 2022

Product development

Our long-term strategic goal is to be reliable partners for our customers as “inspiring coaches” to improve their lives. We fulfil our social responsibility, not only by expanding our telemedical services but also by developing the post-COVID-check.

We continue to focus our efforts on developing products and services with sustainable social benefits for our customers. We are also focused on expanding our digital services.