Effects of Covid-19

Technical result

In health insurance, there were reduced benefits in the financial year due to delays in the health system. No significant catch-up effects are expected for subsequent years.

In the area of life insurance there were visible effects of Covid-19 in the UNIQA International segment with regard to the increased mortality rate and thus .

Net investment income

The (city) hotel properties form a part (6 per cent) of the UNIQA real estate portfolio. As city trips continue to lag massively behind the level recorded in the 2019 financial year due to Covid-19, this resulted in reduced rental income of around €7 million in this area. Furthermore, impairments amounting to €7 million were made in this area.

A reduction in rental income of around €3 million also had to be accepted for retail space compared to the pre-Covid-19 level.

Insurance benefits
Total of insurance benefit payments and changes in the claims provision during the financial year in connection with direct insurance and reinsurance contracts (gross). This involves net insurance benefits when reduced by the amount ceded to reinsurance companies. This does not include claims settlement expenses and changes in the provisions for claims settlement expenses.