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Diversity and inclusion

We believe there is strength in diversity and have no time for intolerance or exclusion. Diversity in action transforms UNIQA into a place where people can grow, develop and enjoy meaningful engagement. Everyone working for us can find just the right place to develop their full potential to the benefit of our customers, colleagues and the company. living better together – we believe this can in reality only be fulfilled if every single gender, nationality, majority or minority is treated equally at UNIQA and can benefit from the same opportunities.

We have already brought about significant impetus on the subject of diversity in 2020, including by nominating a Diversity Officer and getting started on a project that will embed and promote diversity from a structural and organisational perspective. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee was then introduced in 2021. Under the patronage of two members of the Management Board, the Committee’s aim is to strengthen the embedding of diversity and inclusion in all of the company’s departments and processes and ensure this is consistent with the corporate strategy. Existing elements, such as the guiding principles and targets for diversity and inclusion will be combined into a separate diversity and inclusion strategy in 2022. This will form the basis and the framework for all of our activities undertaken in this area.

We also acceded to the Diversity Charter of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (Charta der Vielfalt der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich) in 2021.

We used an indepth actual analysis in 2021 as the basis for identifying the status quo of our existing activities and initiatives in order to come up with approaches for additional effective measures. This has already been successfully implemented as part of the indexing for the Women’s Career Index (FKI). Recruitment guidelines were compiled as one of the most important outcomes. The aim of these guidelines is to promote diversity within all of our teams and at all management levels, ensure equal opportunity for all employees and safeguard an objective and transparent selection process for managers. We also started up the UNIQA mentoring programme, which aims to support talented employees in their personal and professional development.

Furthermore, we also conducted an equal pay analysis in 2021, the framework of which allowed us to collect and analyse data on equal pay between men and women. In order to rectify bias in salary decisions, best practices are also applied in a consistent manner.

Details of further measures and initiatives can be found in our 2021 Sustainability Report.

Targets and target achievement – Diversity and inclusion


Target achievement in 2021

Targets for 2022

Diversity and inclusion strategy

One of the most important targets in 2021 was to carry out an site assessment as well as an actual analysis of a number of existing initiatives in place. They were used as the basis for initiating further measures for improvement (e.g. recruitment guidelines and the equal pay analysis).

Our aim in 2022 is to complete and implement the diversity and inclusion strategy throughout the entire Group, as well as draft and approve a Group-wide diversity and inclusion policy. There are also plans in place to introduce a standardised process to handle allegations of discrimination.