Measures to promote women on the Management Board, the Supervisory Board and in executive positions

Our employees are just as diverse as our customers. Together, we form a community in which we value and respect each other, regardless of gender, age, origin, physical ability, sexual orientation, religion, world view or other characteristics. The decision to promote diversity and inclusion at UNIQA is the decision to live “customer first”.

UNIQA is convinced that a high degree of diversity can enhance its success on a sustainable basis. This is also confirmed by numerous studies. In addition to better financial results, greater satisfaction among customers and employees and higher innovation potential, diversity has a particular effect on increased resilience, risk awareness and flexibility and is thus a decisive success factor in times of pandemics.

With Marie-Valerie Brunner, Anna Maria D’Hulster and Jutta Kath, three women have been elected to join the Supervisory Board of UNIQA Insurance Group AG. The proportion of female Supervisory Board members among the elected members (shareholder representatives) therefore amounts to the legally required 30 per cent. With Sabine Andre and Irene Scheiber, two women have been delegated to the group of employee representatives on the Supervisory Board, which means that there is a ratio of 40 per cent female members in the group of employee representatives. In relation to the full Supervisory Board, the legal quota of women is also exceeded with a share of 33 per cent.

There is no woman among the nine members of the Management Boards of UNIQA Insurance Group AG and UNIQA Österreich Versicherungen AG, which are composed of the same individuals. As this does not reflect UNIQA’s conviction, the UNIQA Group is implementing various accompanying measures in addition to the clear commitment to “more women in management positions”. The objective is to change the framework conditions and prerequisites in such a way that the organisation becomes more permeable for women’s careers. At 57.3 per cent (2020: 56.3 per cent), the share of women in the total workforce in the UNIQA Group was again increased by 1  percentage point at the end of 2021. This high proportion is driven primarily by the international insurance companies (62.6 per cent).

The proportion of women on the Management Boards in the Group is 28.1 per cent and was significantly increased compared to 2020 (23.1 per cent). This was thanks to the fact that, despite a reduction in the overall number of Management Board positions due to the integration of the former AXA companies, the number of women slightly increased in the international companies.

Of a total of 494 managers in Austria, 165 are women, which corresponds to a share of 33 per cent and is 2  percentage points above the level of the previous year. In the UNIQA Group’s international companies outside Austria, 484 of a total of 991 managers are currently women. The figure thus remained almost constant at just under 49 per cent. In the entire UNIQA Group, the average number of female managers is thus 43.7 per cent (649 of a total of 1,485 persons) which is clearly above the level of the previous year (39.4 per cent).