UNIQA 2.0 Strategy

UNIQA launched an ambitious strategic programme in 2011 entitled “UNIQA 2.0” and featuring multiple stages. We are already at the third stage of the strategic programme, which is running from 2016 until 2020.

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Letter from the CEO

“We have torn our strategy apart …
… and put it back together.”

Andreas Brandstetter, CEO UNIQA Group
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Key figures

We are one of the leading insurance groups in our two core markets: Austria and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). About 20,000 employees and exclusive sales partners serve about 9.6 million customers across 18 countries. Commanding a market share of 21 per cent, we are the second largest insurance company in Austria.


We look to support our clients in their living safer, better, longer lives. And in this way, we hope to make a small contribution to their experience of the joy of life. This – and only this – is our mission.
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